Dear participant,

We invite all current and former international students and trainees to fill in this short questionnaire on their experience when looking for an accommodation abroad. We want to learn how complicated (or easy) it was to find, if you received any help from an organisation, etc. when you studied abroad or did an internship/placement/traineeship abroad. We will use your answers to propose recommendations to policy-makers in Europe to improve the situation around finding accommodation in the future for mobile young people in Europe.

Knowing best practices in some countries/cities or identifying which are the common challenges for international students and trainees is very important for us to be able to improve the situation all over Europe and make a difference.

Each person can only fill the survey once. In case you had several experiences, we ask you to focus on your most recent experience or the one that you fill provides the most interesting information for us to understand what can be the challenges or best practices on this topic.

All answers will remain anonymous. The results will be used for internal and scientific purposes; no answer will ever be traced back to you personally. If you provide us with your Email address at the end of the survey, we will only use that information to either share with you the results of our study or to do the raffle to win one of the prizes.

Answering the survey takes around 10 minutes, and you have the opportunity to win different prizes including 2 iPads delivered to you by our partner, Uniplaces. The prize draw will be done once we close the survey at the end of June and the winners will be contacted early July (yes, the deadline was postponed, apologies for that).

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this,

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through


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Location and program
In case you went abroad more than once, please refer to your most recent experience
If your university is not on the list, list it here in English please.