HousErasmus+ is a project coordinated by ESN and co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.
The timeline is from November 2015 until October 2017.

The HousErasmus+ project aims to identify the challenges and best practices around accommodation for international students and trainees. Based on these information, we will make concrete recommendations and advocate for an improved situation for all mobile students and trainees in Europe. 

 The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme under the Key Action 3: Forward-Looking Cooperation projects (EACEA/33/2014) heading.

The project has different aspects:

Research project:

  • A literature review to gather existing research on the topic of international student housing
  • 4 Surveys to different stakeholders of the student housing sectors
  • 10 Study visits on locations with best practices

An awareness-raising campaign

  • 4 conferences all over Europe to share the results of the research to stakeholders
  • A final conference in Brussels with key policy-makers
  • An campaign on social media and key international events to spread best practices


  • A research paper gathering all the information we collected.
  • A recommendations booklet about how to improve the situation