Granada is the capital city of the province of Granada in Andalusia, in the sunny south of Spain. It’s located between the sea and the mountain. And it takes only 30 minutes to reach both places.That is awesome, isn’t it? It has about 230.000 inhabitants and the ESN Granada receives every year 2.000 international students in our University. They usually speak spanish but they come from all over the world! The most of them are from Italy, Germany, Portugal, UK or America.




Dental school of Granada’s University


Finding accommodation in the beautiful city of Granada is not very big issue. Usually, there are several flat available for the international students. Don’t forget that Granada is the number #1 receiving Erasmus in Europe! So, as we said before, renting a flat is not difficult at all, but not always you can find what you were looking for. It depends on your budget, location, and facilities, but generally you won’t have any problem. Granada has plenty of shared flats for students, local and international, the lifestyle goes around the University. The average would be 150-200€ for a student flat in university neighbourhoods, but there are several options to find a room in the center for the same price. Of course, if your budget is lower you can move to the outskirts for 120-180€.


In ESN Granada we have a partnership with Uniplaces, a housing platform which really helps the international students to find a flat for their exchange semester or year. During the first days, also known as Welcome Days, the Erasmus students can get a 25% discount on the fee, which always helps to have some ‘tapas’ night for free with your friends during the semester.

One of the most common challenges that the international students face when they are looking for a flat in Granada is that the landlords don’t want to provide accommodation for one year. We need more flexible contracts for international students who the most of them are coming for just one semester. Although is not common, scams happen (fake rooms, problems with the deposit…). That’s why platforms and agencies assure the money for both the tenants and landlords.